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Services & Rates

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I am available to work on essays, theses, dissertations, reports & articles.  My own background is in the Sciences (Psychology, Biology & Zoology) but I am happy to consider work of many disciplines.  

Get In Touch to see if I can help.


I will check through your work to amend spelling and grammatical errors, check for style consistency and correspondence between text, graphics and references.  This will allow your work to show at its best - your ideas presented in a readable, professional way.  If you are an ESL student or require additional help with your overall English, I can take extra time to construct your words clearly - though I will never change the point you're making.  

My academic proofreading service is designed to showcase your ideas at their best, so that marks aren't deducted for avoidable errors.


My basic rate for Academic Proofreading is £10 per 1,000 words.

For a more accurate estimate please e-mail me with your total word count and a sample of the work.


Please note that due to the different topics of work I receive, I am unable to fact-check assignments sent to me.  While I will check consistency of references etc, I do not have the time to follow up and check each individual one.


PLEASE ensure that your University/College allows proofreading of academic work.  Some have strict policies against any third-party involvement in your work, so always adhere to their guidelines first.

I will never make changes to the substance of academic work or write any part of a client's assignment for them.


Short documents (up to 4,000 words) can often be completed & returned within 48 hours.

Let me know about any deadlines when you Get In Touch!

Fiction (print & e-book format)

I have published five complete novels to date, and have experience in this area dating back 10 years.  I have known both the publishing and self-publishing side of creative writing.

While I have a high personal standard for proofreading/editing my books, I have employed others to look over my work in the past.  

It is a well-known fact that errors easily slip past without a second pair of eyes to check and correct an author's work.  Major slip-ups, like giant plot holes, have even been known to occur within the big publishing houses.  That's why all authors - particularly self-published 'indie' authors - can truly benefit from a professional proofreading and editing service.


Make sure your manuscript makes the very best impression on that agent or publisher you want to submit to!  A proofread manuscript looks professional, is readable, and gives you the best chance of success.  Publishing houses and agents receive countless submissions per year, so if your sample chapters are littered with avoidable errors you're unlikely to get the benefit of the doubt.


Make sure your self-published book is ready for print or Kindle!  If you want the creative freedom of an indie author, the public will receive your book without waiting for it to go through a publishing house with its editing team.  Therefore, it's up to you to make sure your work is free of errors before it ends up on the page or e-reader screen.  Ensure your book is up to a professional standard, and readers are far more likely to enjoy it.


My base rate for proofreading fiction (spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc) is £10 per 1,000 words.

If your work needs more correction (ie. for structural errors, consistencies and rewording), my base rate for copy-editing is £15 per 1,000 words.

For a more accurate quote, please Get In Touch via the form or e-mail me with your total word count and the service you require.


I will need to read a sample of the book before accepting it.  All enquiries are welcome, most genres are considered!  Feel free to discuss your needs with no obligation.



Amateur Creative Writing/Fan Fiction


​I have been very fortunate to work with young people's creative fiction in the past, offering everything from corrections to constructive advice and feedback.  I very much believe in encouraging new writers no matter their age or perceived level of skill.  Having been a young writer myself when I began, I also understand that the wrong kind of criticism can do more harm than good.

I believe in encouraging, not patronising.  Never antagonising, and never overwhelming.  I will always treat your writing with personal care and attention, whether you want it reviewed and re-worded, or just checked for spelling.  I aim to make new writers feel confident, and steer them towards improvement in their future writing.


I have also worked with writers of fan fiction to proofread, edit and critique when asked.  I will happily proofread fan fiction about series I am unfamiliar with, to clean up typos, grammatical errors and punctuation.  If English is not your first language, I can re-word sentences to make your story easier to read.  Boost your confidence.

Make the best impression on your readers and reviewers!


My basic rate for proofreading any Amateur Writing is £1 per 200 words.  For this rate I will correct and edit your writing, and provide feedback if you wish.  Some writers prefer not to be critiqued, so I will never do so unless you ask.


Every client is different and for this reason my services are adaptable.  To discuss your writing with me, or ask any questions, Get In Touch via the form or e-mail me directly.  I am always happy to help new writers.



Non-Fiction (print & e-book format)


I am available to proofread non-fiction writing on a wide range of topics.  I will provide a second set of eyes to make sure your work is free of spelling and grammatical errors.  If more work is needed, I can address layout and consistency to make sure your manuscript is accessible and professional.


My basic rate for Non-Fiction Proofreading is £10 per 1,000 words. For a more accurate estimate please e-mail me with your total word count and a sample of the work.


As with my academic proofreading service I am unable to fact-check material given to me - as the author, you are the expert, so it's your responsibility to present accurate information to the reader!  


Your copyright is safe and your confidentiality is assured at all times.  Your work will never be shared or sold.

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CVs &

Present yourself professionally when applying for that new job!

Whether it's your dream job or your very first job, a proofread application will highlight your strengths and make the right impression.


I can proofread your CV and edit it to make your professional profile stand out.  This includes re-formatting your CV in a stylish, accessible way, in .doc, .docx or .pdf format.


I will also proofread/edit covering letters to improve your written style, again provided in .doc, .docx or .pdf to suit you.


CV only -- £20

Covering Letter only -- £10

CV & Covering Letter -- £25

I never require public acknowledgement from my clients.  I will never tell other people I have worked for you.  Any feedback for my services will be shared with initials only.


eg. "Great work. Thank you! Would definitely recommend."

- M.D.

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Websites/Online Content


I have created and run several websites since first web-building in 1998.

While I do not create websites for other people I am very comfortable putting my proofreading/copy editing skills to work in this area.

Whether you have a landing page or an entire multi-page website, make it look its very best to get the right message out to your visitors!


I am able to proofread page content if all you need is a spelling/grammar check.  If you need more help I can also check for broken/incorrect links, and ensure that graphic content (such as buttons and banners) are proofread and up to scratch.


For your convenience and the quickest quote from me, include a link to your website via my Get In Touch form or include it in an e-mail.  If your website is not yet live that's fine too - I can receive the site text via attachment, preferably as a Word Document.


As a general guide, I charge £12 per 1,000 words, whether they're spread across one page or ten.  I will never charge 'per page', as I know from experience that a multi-page website can contain fewer words than one big landing page.  Charging per 1,000 words offers you the best rate!

If you need me to check hyperlinks and graphics as well, there is a £5 additional cost.




Indie content of all kinds can benefit from affordable proofreading and editing.  With the advent of websites like Steam, GameJolt & IndieDB, there are great opportunities to distribute your independent game to the world!  However, as affectionados of the indie community well know, many are affected by spelling & grammatical errors.  

At best, proofreading errors in video games make us laugh and carry on playing...or they annoy the player, muddle the story, and ruin the atmosphere you worked hard to create.

Terrible typos make good memes - not professional games!
It's great that translators are working with indie game developers to bring us titles from all over the world.  However, translated game text is often in need of extra attention to make it perfect.
Some games are text-heavy with dialogue, descriptions and menus, others may only have a small amount of text to proofread.  I aim to offer the best rates possible for this personal, professional service.
Proofreading (up to 2,000 words) -- £10
Proofreading PLUS editing (up to 2,000 words) -- £15
Proofreading (2,000 words +) -- £10 per 2,000 words
Proofreading PLUS editing (2,000 words +) -- £18 per 2,000 words
My rates are low for game proofreading/editing in particular because I appreciate that indie titles are normally a labour of love for an individual or a very small development team.  And they're a personal enjoyment of mine!
To make a no-obligation enquiry or to discuss how much work is needed on your game, Get In Touch via the form or e-mail me.
NB. I am also able to proofread and edit other things related to your game, like marketing material, promotional pages, game guides and blurbs.  Just Get In Touch for a great value deal!
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